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Clean Steps - The Shoe Laundry is known for its professional machine shoe repair services. It requires highly skilled work for the restoration of shoes.

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Shoe repair is more than what we think, here at clean steps we provide a completely new life to the shoes, by not just doing the shoe pasting and shoe stitching work, we also do the shoe restoration of any material damages, color correction, shoe dyeing and sole replacement.


We explain the shoe repair part to each and everyone before processing it. If you are looking for shoe repair services near me, clean steps is the best shoe repair in Mumbai you can ask for.

We deal with Sport shoe repair, Suede shoe repair, Leather shoe repair, Trekking shoe repair, Sandal repair, boots repair, Nike shoe repair, Jordan shoe repair, Sneakers repair, Formal shoe repair, Loafer repair, Heels repair etc.


Clean Steps - The Shoe Laundry plays an vital and effective role for taking care of luxury -branded bags and leather bag repair services. 

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We also thinks that shoe repair near me or shoe restoration not only saves money, one's body, time, and the environment, but also one's favorite shoes. Customers' reviews also show how reasonable, efficient, and responsive the pick-and-drop services are, as well as how top-notch and responsive the service is. Without any outside doubt, the services are entirely genuine and well-known. One of the numerous advantages of Clean steps is the speed and efficiency with which they provide their services.


The Cleansteps website is one of the more appealing websites that include all of the necessary information, materials, and answers to questions. The website's interface and use are also simple and speedy. One of the best features of the Clean steps website is the blog part, which features a variety of scenarios, knowledge, and solutions for numerous disciplines such as shoes, bags, baggage, and more. The Clean Steps website also has a section for commonly asked questions, which has all of the answers to the questions that everyone has. Customers value their services and assistance because they are vigilant. Overall, clean steps are the only popular solution for maintaining one's valued and high-end things.

We deal with bag cleaning, Leather Bag repair, Bag zip repair, bag color change, Gucci bag cleaning and repair , LV bag cleaning and repair etc.


Clean Steps provides machine pressing sole repair and stitching services for all types of sports, sneakers and formal shoes.

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We believe that shoe can be saved by restoration, if it needs material replacement, leather repair, stitching, insole change we do it all with professional experience of highly skilled staff.

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Heel tip broken, rusted is a major issue with almost to everyone, where at clean steps we are capable to replace any type of broken heel with good quality material.

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We do not only repair or change color we restore the bag entirely by changing the leather material, zip replacement handle change etc.

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In some case sole repair does not work or keeping the shoes for a long can damage and create cracks in your sole, where we do the sole replacement with genuine and good quality sole.

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Clean steps heel repair services are widely recommended by the industry models, professionals. 

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If you feel that your bag color has faded or you want to try the same with different, the artist work of color change with leather paint option provided by clean steps can give the brand new look to your bag.

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Leather shoes repair are done professionally at clean steps the machine are involved to stitching. We restore leather shoes bag and polish to bring back its life.

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Frequently asked questions

Q. Why shoe laundry service?

Ans- Shoes are one of those most expensive goods.

Unlike cloth it cannot be washed due to its all different material behavior but it needed to be taken care with the professional shoe cleaning or shoe washing service provider near your location.

Regular use of shoe cleaning service can help your shoe increases a life span of it

Q. How do you clean shoes in Mumbai workshop?

Ans- Shoe cleaning services in Mumbai at Clean Steps is completely a manual process where each shoe is taken care of by professional shoe care experts.

- We don't use any sort of chemical in the shoe cleaning service or bag dry cleaning service.

- It is a solvent and vacuum-based best shoe cleaning method.

- No machinery is involved in the shoe washing service.

- Except sports shoes washing the rest depends on the behavior of the shoe material gently

processes and cleaned by the highly experienced staff.

Q. How to place an order for shoe cleaning in Mumbai ?

Ans- Clean Steps - The shoe laundry caters complete pan India.

To avail shoe laundry service in Mumbai or Bag dry cleaning services in Mumbai directly share the details by calling or Whatsapp the given number on website +91 7262810999 / +91 7900142798.

Q. How soon I can schedule my appointment for bag dry cleaning in Mumbai?

Ans- Within 24hrs we can schedule a pickup for you shoe cleaning, bag cleaning or repair and restoration.

Q. Is Clean Steps also provide shoe repair service in Mumbai?


Ans- Well, the answer is yes.

we do not only shoes washing, we majorly deal with all types for


Q. Do I need to provide my dirty shoe repair into any bag while collecting?

Ans- Whenever your pickup is schedule for shoe or bag laundry service in Navi Mumbai our logistic partners will come along with their own bag, you just need to handover the shoes.

Q. Do you provide pickup & drop services for shoe repair near Mumbai?

Ans- As its completely a consumer based shoe and bag laundry service with only pickup and drop available option for all location.

Minimum 2 pairs are required for free pickup and drop.

Q. Do your wash suitcase as luggage bags as well ?

Ans- Yeah, we do. We do cleaning for all types of Bags cleaning , handbag cleaning, leather bag, luxury bag cleaning in Mumbai and bag repair service in Mumbai, cleaning soft-toys dry cleaning , Cap dry cleaning and leather belt laundry as well.

Q. How much time does it takes for complete shoe cleaning repair services?

Ans- Shoe cleaning services takes 2-3 working days max. in case of any repair work it can be delay, where team will update you on this.

Where as for suede shoe cleaning in Mumbai 3-4 working days.

Q. How much time does it takes for complete bag dry cleaning and repair services in Mumbai?


Ans- Bag dry cleaning services takes 2-3 working days max. in case of any repair work it can be delay, where team will update you on this.

Where as for bag cleaning in Mumbai 3-4 working days.

Q. Do you also provide services for Leather Purse or bag dry cleaning in Mumbai ?


Ans- leather shoe cleaning and leather shoe repair service in Mumbai is always been a tough for many people to find a better place.


Q. Will i get a receipt when your person will collect the shoes?

Ans- Yes. Once the shoes, bag are for cleaning and repair picked up Confirmation email- Id and message will be sent to the registered email and number.

Q. When do i have to pay before or after shoe spa services?

Ans- once the shoes are collected  the acknowledgment will get generated on your mail with invoice details and payment options you can pay on or before delivery at your convenience. Pay after shoe cleaning service.

Q. What if my shoe gets damaged in shoe laundry services?

Ans- As the designed process of shoe cleaning service at clean steps avoids any such harm or damages to the shoes.

Whereas being practical if anything goes wrong clean steps find an alternative to resolve the issue.

We understand as it's all manual process where in-case such things happen, the conpensation will be processed as per the clean steps Terms & Conditions. 

Q. Where is clean steps Shoe Cleaning or Bags Cleaning services near Mumbai ?


Ans- Clean Steps is a consumer-based service, we have a workshop.

If you are looking for best shoe laundry in Mumbai then we are based in Borivali (w), Malad (w), and Virar (e). The workshop is only for the delivery team to collect and drop, we don't all workshop visiting.

Q. How do I know about best shoe laundry near me?


Ans- It's all about reading the shared experience by professionals on various platforms and to trust the people who are expert into this service of shoe cleaning, shoe repair, bag dry cleaning and repair.

The easiest way is to asking a friend recommendations can also be a way to help you to answer your question of finding a shoe cleaner near me or laundry service near me.

Q. Why Clean Steps provides best shoe laundry service in Mumbai?


Ans- There are several reason to believe that Clean Steps provides the best shoes cleaning in Mumbai.


Pickup & Payment

Cleaning charges 360/-Per pair

Payments Accepted

Pay after Delivery COD, Google Pay, Phone Pay, Paytm, Direct Bank Transfer.

Pickup policy

In case of return only logistic charges will be applicable.

Clean Steps - The Shoe Laundry provides free pickup and drop service on minimum 2 pairs of shoes anywhere from all across India.

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