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How to protect your Heels.

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

Heels are needs to be protected, we at clean steps shoe laundry believe that if you want to keep your investment on heels in good shape for as long as possible, here we have some advice for shoe protection…

A TIP to your heels

The first whenever you think about wearing your heels out of the house, get rubber tips and heels added. This will help to maximize the life of your shoes and will also do wonders for your feet……

Protect them from the weather

Weather also has an important role to play in maintaining the condition of the leather shoes or heels. So it becomes extreme important to protect your heels from the rains, muds and unwanted dirt splits. This can be treated by applying a regular protective spray. Heel cleaning service providers can be a big help for you.

Maintain The Shape of Heel

The Shoe tree is an ideal thing when it comes to maintain your heels, for strappy shoes, a good tip is to stuff the toecap with dry tissue.

Give suede More attention

Stain on your suede shoes can be a disaster, so these heels, suede shoes cleaning is must on it has to be water proofed regularly and cleaned at the first sign of dirt. Suede shoes cleaning has to be done through soft bristle brush, it should be used every time before you are going to wear them. If it gets wet use tissue or white cotton clothes to absorb the moisture.

Love your Heel leather

Regular polish treatment is recommended before wearing any leather heels. Wipe off any excess with a clean cloth and apply shoe. Dryer can be used to blow out the dust from upper layer. When the question comes for the best sueded shoe cleaning provider in Mumbai, one can send us the photo of there heel go get treated. Leather shoes deserve the best care. Clean steps shoe cleaning in Mumbai offers great heel repair and restoration services.

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