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Top Rated Shoe Laundry Service - Clean Steps

We all love our shoes and hate dirt. Clean is what we prefer a wise saying is “Clean Shoes Stands for Clean Society”. Nowadays in this hassle and the daily competition to become better every day, the clean shoe gives an indirect psychological advantage to perform better and run faster. Shoe cleaning and removing the dirt from it is like taking a bath in pure joy. Most of us love our shoes so much we want to keep them with us for the rest of life like a best friend, with whom you can take a walk on the beach, run, attend special occasions, etc.

At least Once we have asked this question among ourselves that......"Where do give these luxury, favorite, and of course expensive branded sneakers for cleaning" who will be the best shoe cleaning services provider to maintain its surfaces, texture, color, and make it looks sparkling every time once it’s used. Still, it’s not popular yet there are several shoe laundries in Mumbai you can find, but here are the reasons Why Clean Steps - The Shoe Laundry is considered the top-rated and most recommended among all.

Professional Shoe cleaning service

Clean Steps is a purpose-driven shoe cleaning service with high industry exposure, and experience and filled with expert shoe cleaners. Where we understand the structure, design, color, and fabric behavior of every type of shoe and under the guidance of our expert cleaning perform accordingly. We at Clean Steps deal with Mesh contains shoes, sports shoes, Premium leather shoes, formal shoes, Trekking boots, designer heels, Loafers cleaning, sandals and slippers, etc. Each shoe is taken care of by the manual cleaning process with in-house based carbon cleaning techniques which do not affect the material and color of your shoes and also give the best result.

Standardized Shoe Repair and Restoration

More than just cleaning this Mumbai famous shoe laundry service deals with high-quality shoe repair and shoe restoration as well. It is difficult to trust a local cobbler to maintain the dignity of your Jordan’s and other well-branded shoes, here Clean Steps comes to the rescue and provide extended services, with professional sneaker cleaning and sneaker care, weather gluing shoe soles, shoe fixing, replacement soles for shoes, white canvas shoe polish, whitening for trainers, dealing with yellowing sneakers and doing restoration, heels repair, Nike shoe repair, heel tip replacement all, it is present in Mumbai as an expert shoe cobbler.

Fastest Sneakers laundry services

Not only just free pickup and drop service for your high-end sneakers and bag but Clean Steps is also considered the fastest in this industry. Most Professional recommend us because professional shoe laundry is near your doorstep to collect and delivered back after cleaning and complete the process within 24hrs with express services without any quality compromise. Whereas the regular services take 2-3 days max for the entire shoe cleaning process.

Genuine Google Reviews

For clean steps the feedback is always a gift that is provided by the sneakerheads. Unlike the rest, we don’t ask for our family, friends, or bots to put a good review about our services neither we pay to the agencies to make a good review for your profile. It's all genuine which is good or bad it helps us to grow.

Sneakerheads First Choice

We all are familiar with a few of the famous personalities who are not just the best at what they do, but also their love for sneakers collection is remarkable, few names such as OTT Big Boss Winner Divya Agrawal, adorable Raghav Juyal, Sir Remo D’souza, Dashing Ranvijay Singh, Varun Sood, Punit J Pathak, fashion diva Anaita Shroff, etc. A community of dancers, athletes, and National celebrities recommend professional sneaker cleaning services by Clean Steps - The Shoe Laundry. Check out our Instagram

  • · Mainly Professional Shoe Laundry services

  • · Its complete manual expert cleaning

  • · Shoe cleaning takes only 2-3 days (E.S Within 24hrs)

  • · Carbon-based cleaning

  • · Complete in-house Process

  • · Advance Shoe Repair

  • · Bag cleaning and repair

  • · Most affordable price

Clean Steps believes that shoes are like the best friend you want to make them happy and keep them clean. Cleaning shoes has never been easier. Keep your kicks fresh and clean with our all-in-one shoe care system by Clean Steps - The Shoe Laundry. Read More

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