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Suede Shoe Cleaning at Home

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

Suede Shoes are designed to last for years. With just a little precaution you can make your shoes more durable. Clean Steps share a trick which can be perform at home to clean your suede shoes at home.

Things you need you have to clean your Suede shoe

Polishing cloth or white cotton cloth

Suede Brush

White Eraser


Tooth Brush

Waterproofing spray

This will take only 30 Min to clean a pair so plan accordingly

Steps You need to follow to clean suede shoes at home

- Shoe Lace cleaning

Remove the shoelaces and give them a clean with cleaner (soap or shampoo mixed with water )

- Shoe Stain cleaning

You can spot-treat most stains on suede with a suede brush and eraser.

- Shoe Sole Cleaning

Start scrubbing with a brush to clean the debris, dirt or any grains which are stuck on the down or side part of the shoes sole.

- Suede shoe Cleaning

Add some suede shampoo to a small bowl of water (about a 2:1 ratio of water to shampoo) and mix with a shoe brush or an old toothbrush. Work the shampoo all over the shoe with the brush using circular motions and firm pressure. The suede will turn darker as it saturates, which is perfectly okay and normal.

- Shoe Dry cleaning

Clear all the shampoo off with clean water, and brush over the shoe again until there are no more suds. Then shake the shoe to remove excess water.

- Suede Wipe

With a clean towel, blot away at the shoes to absorb as much moisture as possible.

- Let it dry

Stuff the suede shoes with paper and let them dry for at least 24 hours.

- Soft Scrubbing

Brush over each shoe with a suede brush—back and forth over the grain—to re-fluff the suede.

- Finish

Last, apply a layer of waterproofing spray over your suede shoes and give them an hour to dry.

Here are the some before and after of the suede shoes cleaning images done by best shoes cleaning provider in Mumbai Clean Steps - The Shoe Laundry

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