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Did You know how dirty is your handbag?

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

Handbag Cleaning and Repair

Did you know that a leather handbag can carry more germs than the average toilet seat? Health study has already revealed how we have to be aware of the frightening number of bacteria that can gather on leather products such as shoes, car seat, precious handbags, etc.

The question is how we can get rid of the unseen fungus, dirt, bacteria from delicate materials like leather?

Lack of awareness for handbag cleaning techniques and less availability of professional leather bag dry cleaning services in Mumbai makes things even more difficult for users.

There are few labs tasted products are designed to clean leather handbags that aren’t easily available. A myth about Alcohol gels and other harsh chemical cleaners designed to kill germs can also damage your cherished handbags.

That is why the Clean Steps leather bags laundry team developed the Anti-Bacterial Cleansing product to prevent fungus to clean and nourish your leather handbags life and keep the material shine maintained.

Complete manual process for handbag cleaning at clean steps bags laundry is available for you with free pick up and drop facility. Our handbag cleaning services include spray and handy wipes both methods under the guidance of professionals to make your precious bags last longer. Our Anti-Bacterial Cleansing wipes are safe to use on any surface or all types of handbags, purses, leather bags, etc.

Leather Bags dry-cleaning is required at every regular interval to protect your bags, increase their life span, protecting from getting damaged also anti-fungal treatment for leather bags helps to keep the bags in good shape and in original shine. We recommend bag cleaning services to all user who wants to protect their handbags from getting damaged.

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